A couple in Spaniard's Bay jumped into action early Tuesday morning when they witnessed what looked like an attempted robbery.

Brenda Seymour said she saw three men get out of a truck and put masks on their faces outside a convenience store at approximately 5:30 a.m. She immediately called the RCMP.

Her husband Martin Seymour jumped into his truck and scared the men off, but he didn't want them to get away.

He chased them through town to Veteran's Memorial Highway.

When the would-be robbers took an unpaved side road, he blocked their truck with his own. He said the men then fled into the woods on foot.

RCMP showed up with a canine unit shortly after and managed to apprehend them.

According to Seymour, residents have to be willing to do something to fight the rising crime rates in their communities.

"No doubt we may get probably chided for taking it into our own hands, but there's got to be a message sent out to the guys who are trying to do this stuff," she said.

"There are people watching and if there's any way of doing anything to thwart their actions, we're going to do it."

Seymour said if people are aware that residents are watching more closely, there won't be as many crimes happening in the smaller communities.