Long-time St. John's city councillor Gerry Colbert will not have his name on the ballot in the upcoming municipal election, but he has been approached to run a couple of campaigns.

Colbert has served on council for almost 23 years, and four of those years he served as deputy mayor.

He has some advice for anyone considering running in the election this fall.

"Do your homework, do your polling, knock on doors, get a good team, don't be humble, work your butt off every minute of the day," Colbert said.

"Show people in the city of St. John's you want the job, you'll do the best you can, you'll be honest and you'll return every phone call you get, and you'll do well."

According to Colbert, a lot has changed since he was first elected to council in 1990, such as the mail-in ballot.

He said that candidates should have their work done well before the September election.

"You had better have your whole campaign ramped up and done and finished by mid-August, because you can't do anything once the ballot goes out."

Colbert did not reveal who has approached him to run their campaign, and said it is still too early for anyone to officially declare their candidacy.