A woman in Corner Brook says she and her husband are doing their best to save what they can from their flooded house. A build up of snow, mixed with Tuesday's heavy rains caused a street behind their house to flood. 

The water then flowed directly into Geraldine and Fred Wall's basement.

"We had a waterfall come in our back door." Geraldine Wall said. 

"It was up to your waist out in the street, slush, slush, slush. Of course we have a back driveway, and that's the only opening on the street. Where did it all come? In our back driveway." 

Wall said her husband measured the water depth at 40 centimetres deep at the peak of the flooding, meaning everything below became soaked. The family lost many sentimental treasures, as well as several necessary appliances.

Geraldine Wall

Geraldine Wall says late Tuesday afternoon more than 40 centimetres of water flooded her basement. (CBC)

"A deep freeze, a fridge, all kinds of storage. Our furnace is full of water — a new furnace I might add, or [a] relatively new furnace — and everything down there is ruined."

The Walls continue to pump water out of their basement, and remain hopeful their insurance company can help cover the cost. 

Wall told CBC on Wednesday their furnace is working, but may have to be replaced. She added that while the basement is starting to dry out, she fears a damp smell may permeate the house. 

The Walls have also approached the City of Corner Brook for help.

Mayor Charles Pender is sympathetic to the Walls' situation.   

"One flooded basement is still significant in the way we look at it, because somebody is inconvenienced, it causes somebody hardship, but at the same time it could have been a lot worse, so we will work with that homeowner," said Pender.

"Hopefully they have insurance to cover their damages — if not we will still work with them and see if there is something the city can do."

The Walls said an insurance adjuster has been through their home, and hopefully damage will be covered.