Corner Brook's city council has some questions for Newfoundland and Labrador's Premier Kathy Dunderdale about the city's new regional hospital. 

City councillors want the province to let them know when construction will begin. 

The site was announced three years ago, and prepared last year at a cost of about $5 million. A forest was removed, brooks were re-routed, and vast tonnes of earth moved.

But with an estimated price tag for the entire project set at $750 million, city council was shocked to find out this year's provincial budget only allocated $1 million for the hospital.

Coun. Leo Bruce believes the province has a lot of explaining to do.

"We'd like to know from the premier, can we expect a tender package advertised soon?" he asked.

"Can we expect labourers, trades people, a contractor on site in the spring/summer of 2013? Is there going to be money allotted in the budget 2013 for the proposed hospital here in Corner Brook?"

Bruce said there's no question the city needs the new facility.

"It was identified some five years ago that there was a need for a new hospital," he said.

On Tuesday, area MHA Eddy Joyce, stood in the house of assembly, demanding answers from Health Minister Susan Sullivan.

"Give us an update," Joyce said.

"There have been meetings," Sullivan replied. "And there is a commitment to another meeting at the end of this month. Mr. Speaker, we are moving forward, we are making progress."

Meanwhile, Bruce said he hasn't given up hope the hospital will be built — he just wants to know when it will happen.

For now, he's still waiting for an answer.