The City of Corner Brook announced Thursday that it would be taking back ownership of the Pepsi Centre, the city's main arena and venue centre.

Memorial University has operated the site for the past eight years.

Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender said some of the university's plans for the building didn't come together, creating a disconnect between Memorial, the centre and the needs of the city residents.

Pender said it was time for the city to step in.

"Quite frankly, it's a city-owned building and it was put there for the residents of Corner Brook. So, as in most communities, the community runs the sports centre, the community centre, and we just felt it was time for the city to take back control for the residents and try to deliver some of those programs that residents have been asking for," he said. 

Pender said the city's short-term plans include sprucing up the Pepsi Centre with new paint and flooring, and they will also try to put together a five-year plan for the building.

Corner Brook will take control of the Pepsi Centre as of Sept. 1.