Paxton Sheahan and Dillon Bourgeois now know their fate after two long years in custody. 

Justice Garrett Handrigan sentenced Sheahan to three years behind bars and Bourgeois to five years for stabbing Jonathan Park 12 times behind a Coleman's grocery store in Corner Brook on Oct. 29, 2015.

Both men changed their plea to guilty of aggravated assault earlier this week. The Crown then dropped the attempted murder charges. 

The two Corner Brook men have been in pre-trial custody in separate jails in the province since the stabbing took place.

Today, they sat together in the Supreme Court room, whispering and chatting, waiting to hear what their future holds.

Justice Handrigan agreed with the Crown's suggestions of five years for Bourgeois and three for Sheahan because they showed little remorse for their actions.

paxton sheahan and dillion bourgeois

The two pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

"Mr. Sheahan declined to say anything when I invited him at the end of the sentencing hearing to address me about the offenses. If he is genuinely remorseful, he might have said so then, or apologized to Mr. Park. He did neither," Handigan stated in his written decision. 

 "Mr. Bourgeois waited until quite late to change his plea and he too declined to say anything when I invited him to address me about the offenses at the end of the sentencing hearing." 

Park had 12 stab wounds and needed 52 staples and four stitches. In a victim impact statement, Park said he is suffering mentally and physically from the attack.

Jonathan Park's family members, including his mom, were there to hear the decision. Sheahan and Bourgeois avoided their eyes and didn't address the crowded court room.

Both men will get one-and-a-half days credit for each day already served behind bars. 

That time will be subtracted from their sentence that was handed out Thursday.

That means Sheahan will serve about 1 year and 4 months in jail, while Bourgeois will serve a little less than two years.