Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre holds first performance

The Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre is playing host to its inaugural play, Venus in Fur, this weekend, despite still being under construction.
Venus in Fur will be the first performance in the Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre, which is still under construction. (CBC)

The Corner Brook Rotary Arts Centre is playing host to its inaugural play, Venus in Fur, this weekend. 

It will mark the first performance in the space — a feat in itself — considering the centre is still under construction. 

David Smallwood is excited that the centre's first theatre production is taking place on Friday night. (CBC)

David Smallwood is part of a group who has been working on bringing the centre to reality for years. 

"We've been at this for four years, from initial concept to the stage where we are now. We've been in this space for just almost exactly a year," he said.

"There is still a lot of work left to do here, however, putting off a play this weekend is a huge step forward for the group who is trying to put this together."

When the theatre is completed, it will accommodate seating for 108.

A gallery named for the late visual artist Tina Dolter will find a home there as well, in addition to eight studios for local artists. 

"With the library upstairs and the museum next door, and the arts centre here in City Hall, [it] will be a real hub of culture and interest for the community and for visitors alike," Smallwood told CBC News. 

Adam Brake is with Hard Ticket Theatre, the group performing Venus in Fur on Friday night.

Adam Brake is with Hard Ticket Theatre. (CBC)

"It's really good; we are really excited to be the first people in this space," said Brake.

"We are really excited that people are going to be able to see the space before it's completed and get excited about what's going to be here. This is going to be, what I hope, [is] a community meeting place for the people of Corner Brook. We chose that play because we knew we were going to have trouble finding space in Corner Brook — but that's exactly what happened. We found this great space that suits our needs perfectly, so we are really looking forward to seeing people down there."

The actors aren't the only ones getting excited.

"We have all the necessary permits and health and safety issues addressed... They're done now, so we can now open our doors and say we will actually have our first theatre production on Friday night. Exciting? Oh, very exciting," said Smallwood.


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