Corner Brook Mayor Neville Greeley has decided he will not seek his seat again in next month's municipal election.

Greeley made the announcement Sunday evening via his Twitter account.

"Thank you CB 4 giving me the honour and privilege to represent you as councillor and mayor 4 past 10 yrs. I won't be seeking re-election," Greeley tweeted.

Greeley's decision comes as former mayor Charles Pender, whom Greeley defeated in 2009, announced he will be running again.

Greeley said he has been mulling over whether to run for several months, but it wasn't until this summer that he made the decision.

He said it's sometimes "onerous" being in the mayor's chair, calling some comments on city issues "uninformed."

"I've had my fill of name-calling, especially with social media today. People sign on with a handle and nobody's taking checks on what's being said," Greeley said Monday.

Greeley has not been shy with controversial issues. Last month, he criticized others for opposing a company's core drilling plan in the city's watershed, calling the dispute a signal to businesses that their proposals are not welcome.

"We don't have people knocking on our doors looking to come here," Greeley said.

In February 2012, Greeley and other members of council came in for heavy criticism for eliminating four firefighters' positions just moments after the city signed a three-year collective agreement with the firefighters' union.

A public rally against the decision, which Greeley said was necessary so that the city could afford the new contract, did not faze Greeley.

"I take that with a grain of salt," he said at the time.