For the first time in Corner Brook's history, a prom was held for everyone in the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer community.

The Grenfell Campus student bar was transformed to host the first queer prom to happen in Corner Brook.    

Most cities, like St. John's, hold their Pride Week in the summer. But in Corner Brook, they wait until September when students are back on campus.

Grenfell Student Union vice-president, Jessica Dawe, said it is the first time they have organized this type of event.

"The idea of Queer Prom is to give everyone a chance, everyone in the LGBTQ community chance to have a safe and enjoyable prom in a safe and friendly environment," Dawe said. 

Pride week poster Corner Brook

Corner Brook holds its Pride Week celebrations in the Fall, when students are back in school. (CBC)

The event is part of Western Pride's 5th annual Pride Week in Corner Brook.

According to Dawe, the idea of hosting the Queer Prom went over well with Grenfell Campus' Student Union.

"A very positive and excited reaction actually, we were really enthusiastic about it and so were a lot of students."

The prom was just one of many activities scheduled for Pride Week. A beach bonfire is scheduled to go ahead on Saturday night. The closing Pride March is set for Sunday morning.