On Saturday night, musicians and organizers will host a massive fundraising event to assist the family of six-year-old Stella Heppleston

Heppleston has a brain tumour, and is receiving radiation treatment at the Janeway Hospital in St. John's.

Songs for Stella has been organized to help with the family's expenses, and will include a silent auction and concert. 

Family friend Dean Peckford said it's hard to keep track of the many donations that have arrived for the auction.

Peckford said guitars, clothing, gift certificates — even an airline ticket to travel anywhere in the world — have been donated to the cause.

Dean Peckford holding a guitar, one of the silent auction items

Family friend Dean Peckford holds an acoustic guitar, one of the donated silent auction items. (CBC)

Since undergoing brain surgery 11 weeks ago, Stella has had a number of post-surgical complications and health setbacks. Her radiation treatments are now four weeks behind schedule.

"I mean any parent ... how can you not put yourself in that situation? It's basically the worst thing I could ever imagine having to wake up and face," Peckford told CBC News.

"She's a very outgoing little girl. She's really talkative, and cute as a button of course." 

Stella's family continues to remain at her side during the ordeal. Her father Paul is a well-known music teacher on the west coast. His students recently held a benefit concert for Stella — now it's the community's turn to help out.

"We have 12 performances now set up, some of them are solo acts," said Peckford. 

"The Catch just signed on. The Heavy Horses, Justin Mahoney, and Nick Hamlyn and his band [The Mayhem]. And my daughter actually, Emma Peckford, is going to perform."

Emma is one of Paul's students, and the driving force behind her father's involvement in the fundraiser. 

Songs for Stella will take place on Saturday night at The Palace on Broadway.