The firefighter toy drive in Corner Brook is in full swing this Christmas season but the volunteers could still use some a few more donations.

The storage room in the civic centre is jammed with dolls, toy guns and teddy bears.

Firefighters grab large garbage bags and fill them with toys for about 250 children in the Corner Brook and Bay of Islands areas.

"It's very good, very fulfilling. All the guys have a fun time coming up and packing the hampers. Of course, you know what the end game is: the kids being happy on Christmas morning," said firefighter Greg Dinney. 

geoff sparkes fire fighter

Firefighter Geoff Sparkes collects toys for a family of six boys in the Corner Brook area. (Colleen Connors/cbc)

The local branch of the Salvation Army provides the names of families in need. 

This year there are 145 families who need help during the expensive season — slightly more than last year.

Although the toy drive receives piles and piles of toys each year, there is one shelf that's rather bare, said Dinney.

toys for pre teen girls empty shelf

The toy drive is still in need of toys for pre-teen girl toys. Donations can be made at the Corner Brook fire station. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

"We are a bit low in the six- to 12-year-old range for girls."

Monetary donations or toys for pre-teen girls can be dropped off at the fire station.

Parents will pick up the big bags of toys closer to Christmas Day. 

Colleen Connors