A couple from Newfoundland's west coast made it to the most southern city in the world — travelling more than 27,000 kilometres in a converted ambulance.

Robbie and Kristen Hickey left Corner Brook headed for South America in October, and after 140 days and 14 countries, they made it to Ushuaia, Argentina.

The couple quit their day jobs after converting an old ambulance into a camper van that could sustain them on their cross-continental adventure.

"We had a few other people that we met that had the same thing on the go," said Kristen Hickey.

"They were travelling down to the end of the world and we had a lot of people to celebrate with that we just met, and it was really exciting."

The couple say the trip isn't what they expected — it's better.

In their travels, they've met met people from Germany, Australia, the U.S. and France, all exploring the world the same way they are. 

"You can read your Lonely Planet guide book all you want and research online, but when you meet people, especially when they're travelling in the opposite direction as you, they tell you where they've been and what they've experienced and how to get there," said Robbie Hickey.

He added there have been no safety scares, either.

"We haven't had anything stolen from us. We haven't had any security issues at all," he said.

For the first time in more than four months, the couple is getting ready to travel north.

After spending a couple of weeks in Buenos Aires, the couple will eventually make their way back home to Newfoundland. They expect to be home some time in June.