A special Christmas tree in Corner Brook is being decorated to remember family members serving in the Canadian Forces and fallen soldiers.

Patti Griffin, with the Military Family Resource Centre, said the tree's yellow lights and yellow ribbons hold significance for family members of people in the military.

"Most people know the yellow ribbon as the support our troops ribbon, and I believe in the past family members would tie yellow ribbons out front of their homes or wherever in memory of their loved one who is serving for our country and waiting for their safe return home," Griffin said.

Griffin said any donations made will go right back toward the community.

"What we're doing is inviting members of the public, if they would like to remember a CF member, to certainly come by and write that member's name on a ribbon," she said.

"You can purchase the ribbon by donation of choice, and that money will also go to our local food bank."

The tree is set up in front of the Gallipoli Armoury in Corner Brook.