A Corner Brook-based artist has just returned from the red carpet premiere of the new Superman movie in New York City.

Singer-songwriter Allison Crowe, who is originally from British Columbia, is featured in Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams.

The singer appears in a bar scene where she performs Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire.

"It was just absolutely fantastic to just — kind of — be a part of it and watch how it all works," Crowe said.

She said she was given the part by director Zach Snyder and producer Debbie Snyder, who first discovered the artist on YouTube.

Crowe said the Snyders also wanted her to appear in the Watchmen and Sucker Punch, but Man of Steel is the first film that Crowe has been featured in.

Crowe said she isn't ruling out doing similar projects in the future.

Another Crowe with a connection to Newfoundland and Labrador is in the film. Russell Crowe plays Superman's dad, Jor-El. Crowe has made several visits to the province to visit friends and appear in the Republic of Doyle.