A St. George's man convicted of having sex with a 12-year-old girl will find out about his jail sentence on Oct. 8.

Stephen Louvelle was convicted of sexual assault and invitation to sexual touching in February 2013.

In Corner Brook Supreme Court on Wednesday, both the Crown and defence laid out their submissions to the court, arguing how long Louvelle should spend in jail.

At the time of the incidents, Louvelle was 21.

Louvelle and the girl had been carrying on a relationship in secret. When the girl became pregnant, Louvelle jumped on her stomach to induce an abortion.

Louvelle was previously found not guilty of an assault charge in relation to that attempt. 

Court hears victim impact statement

On Wednesday, the Crown read parts of the victim's impact statement, in which the girl said she felt, in retrospect, that she was taken advantage of, and that she is still haunted by what happened.

The Crown wants Louvelle to spend five to six years behind bars, and to have his name added to the sexual offenders registry for 20 years after his release.

As well, the Crown wants Louvelle to be banned from owning weapons or from using the internet to contact minors.

The defence argued for a lesser sentence of two to three years in jail, and said Louvelle never used violence or persuasion during the relationship, and Louvelle himself has suffered since the charges were first laid.

Justice Alan Seaborn asked Louvelle if he had anything to say for himself, and Louvelle said no.  

Louvelle has been behind bars since the February conviction.