St. John's city council approved the expansion of a downtown hotel on Monday that violates its own development rules.

The new six-storey structure will be part of the Marriott Hotel on Duckworth Street, but will be built on the other side of the road, at the corner of Cochrane Street.

The plan is two storeys higher than development rules allow for the area.

The previous plan for a four-storey structure with a skywalk over Duckworth Street, which would have connected both Marriott buildings, was scrapped in July.

At a public meeting held earlier this month, residents from nearby Gower Street argued that the new structure would be too high, and would obscure their views of the harbour.

But the city's planning committee recommended that council approve the design.

Councillor Tom Hann said it's about time that the plan be accepted.

"After hundreds of years of hard work, we now have the opportunity to grow and leave something for our children, and that means that we have to do a lot in the area of development," he said.

Deputy Mayor Shannie Duff, who chairs the city's heritage committee, wasn't at the meeting because she's on leave for health issues.

Council must now develop a site-specific amendment to its development regulations to allow for the new building to be constructed.