There is confusion surrounding the proposed security fence on the St. John's harbour, which has been the subject of controversy over the last week.

The St. John's Port Authority is maintaining the need for a proposed fence that would eliminate public access to approximately half of the marginal wharf, except for on special occasions.

Transport Canada emailed CBC on Thursday, saying it is satisfied with the present security and did not demand a new fence to be constructed.

However, Sean Hanrahan, president of St. John's Port Authority, said this is not what Transport Canada told him.

"They're saying that you're got to have appropriate perimeter control and they're telling us that the temporary fencing is inadequate," Hanrahan said on Friday.

Hanrahan released Transport Canada documents that backed up what he is claiming.

He said the communication CBC received had not been sent to the Port Authority.

The contradiction has caused an even more heated debate among those opposed to the fence.

St. John's Coun. Sheilagh O'Leary has removed her support of the fence since a meeting with the Port Authority last week.

"There is nothing in those documents, any of the documents, that I have read to date that have dictated that we absolutely have to have a permanent closure harbour fence," O'Leary said.

With documents from Transport Canada stating opposing ideas, the fence issue seems to be at a standstill.

As far as Hanrahan and the Port Authority are concerned, the proposed harbour fence is still a go.