Conservation officers are making attempts with a net gun to catch a bald eagle that has had a trap caught around its claw for several weeks.

During a visit to the Clarenville dump Wednesday, a CBC News crew spotted the majestic bird. 

The district forest management office in Clarenville has received multiple reports of a bald eagle with a trap attached to it, a statement from the forestry and agrifoods agency said.

However, conservation officers have not been able to locate it. 

Amateur photographer Harry White is concerned for the bird's health, noting its beak looks damaged from trying to pry the trap off, and the bird's flesh around the trap is torn.

The plight of a beautiful bald eagle is the talk of the town in Clarenville, where residents are hoping the bird can be released from the trap.

Conservation officers have been equipped with a net gun that can bait and trap the bird safely.