Confederation Building reno costs ballooning

A new estimate on renovation costs at Confederation Building is much more than the original.

Liberals attack Tories over long-running refurbishment

Renovations are now expected to cost $50 million, instead of the previous estimate of just over $20 million. (CBC)

The cost of renovations at the Confederation Building is not anywhere close to the original estimate.

In a 2009 news release,  the cost of the project was expected to exceed $20 million dollars.

A new estimate has far surpassed that, with the new price being set at $50 million.

Liberal MHA Eddie Joyce pushed for answers in the house of assembly on Tuesday.

"If he wants to know what the cost of the investment that we're making in this building," responded Transportation and Works Minister Paul Davis, "I don't mind answering that and I'll provide details to him if he's interested."

"The initial cost was in the range of $40 million when the first initial assessments were done."

Davis expects the work to be finished sometime in 2014.