The Come By Chance refinery is for the first time processing crude oil that comes from fields located in Canada's offshore.

According to Reuters, the refinery started taking in oil from the White Rose platform late last year. Until now, the oil pumped at the Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose fields off Newfoundland's east coast was a stranger to the refinery, despite the close proximity.

Husky Energy said the first cargo was shipped in December, Reuters reported, and at least four other vessels followed in April and May.

White Rose has been in production for a decade, but most of the crude has been shipped to refineries in the U.S., while some also was shipped elsewhere in Canada, as well as to European refineries, Reuters said.

The Come By Chance Refinery was purchased by New York-based SilverRange in November.

According to Reuters, Come By Chance spokesperson Gloria Warren-Slade said "the refinery runs different crudes from time to time, and White Rose happens to be one of them this time."