A sad story involving a cocaine addicted mother has come to an end.

Jeanine Bungay pleaded guilty to holding up two convenience stores in Conception Bay South last year, and on Monday she was sentenced to four years and nine months in federal prison.

Bungay, 27, was pregnant when she held up a store with a knife last May.

Although she got away with $200, she was eventually arrested by police the next day .

While out on bail in December, Bungay robbed yet another another store. 

The mother of two got away with $10 before the owner chased her down with a baseball bat. 

Bungay threw the money back at the owner, but was followed and stopped at an intersection by police with their guns drawn.

Bungay's newborn son and four-year-old daughter were both in the getaway car during the robbery.

In court, Bungay said her cocaine addiction drove her to commit the robberies.

"I am a mother who has made some awful choices," she said. "I hope [my children] can forgive me, and allow me to be the mom I can be."