The Canadian Coast Guard says a crew has managed to plug an oil leak on a sunken ship near Change Islands in Notre Dame Bay.

Bob Grant, a senior environment officer with DFO, said a crew used a remote operated vehicle to seal two cracks.

"We were successful in carrying out the operation, with no injuries or any damage to any of the equipment," said Grant. "So, it took a little bit of time, but we finally accomplished our immediate goal."

Fuel had been seeping from the hull of the Manolis L, a paper carrier which ran aground and sank in Notre Dame Bay in 1985.

However, the Coast Guard has acknowledged that something must be done about the 450 tonnes of bunker C fuel still on board.

Grant said officials have been looking into the matter.

"We have been into some preliminary discussions with some international salvatores, about how to deal with the oil that remains aboard the vessel," said Grant. 

Grant said a plane will monitor the ocean surface every couple of days until the end of June.

After that, Grant said divers will be lowered to inspect the seals placed on two cracks in the hull of the Manolis L.