Sinking of the Manolis L, archival phot

The Manolis L ran aground and sank near Change Islands in Notre Dame Bay in 1985. (Courtesy Maritime History Archive, Memorial University)

The Canadian Coast Guard is attempting and underwater investigation into the oil that's been washing ashore in the Change Islands area recently.

A spokesperson said they hope to use a remote operated vehicle to search for oil leaks in the hull of the Manolis L, a vessel that sunk off the coast of Notre Dame Bay in 1985.

Residents believe the oil that's been washing up is coming from the sunken ship that's been submerged for nearly 30 years.

The response team plans to use neoprene gaskets if they find any more oil seeping out of the sunken ship.

In addition to the underwater investigation, two over-flights are planned for Monday to further assess the situation.

A flight on Sunday was cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

The underwater survey was supposed to be conducted in 2014, but the Coast Guard said they want to complete it as soon as possible.