Staff at the College of the North Atlantic campus in Doha are so far being told to operate as usual, after several Arab countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

As of early Monday morning, the BBC reported that six countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have severed ties with Qatar.

They accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism, including ISIS and al-Qaeda — allegations Qatar has denied.

"While we are treating this as a serious development, we also note that this is occurring at the diplomatic/political levels right now," reads an internal memo sent to CNA staff from CNA Qatar president Ken MacLeod.

All air, sea and land traffic has been halted between Qatar and the countries that have cut ties.

The federal government's last update said there was no nationwide advisory in effect for Qatar, but recommended a "high degree of caution" due to regional threats of terrorist attacks.

CNA Qatar CBC file

The College of the North Atlantic's Qatar campus employs about 600 staff and teaches about 2,100 students. (CBC)

The college is in contact with the Canadian embassy in Qatar, and the situation is being monitored.

"Until then, please do not be irresponsible by escalating this situation by sending emails based on conjecture," the memo from MacLeod states.

"For now, though we are in a state of being more vigilant, it is business as usual, and we will communicate when we receive more information."

Classes are continuing Monday without interruption, and students are continuing to prepare for intersession exams in two weeks, a college spokesperson said in a release.

The College of the North Atlantic opened its Qatar campus, which employs about 600 staff and teaches 2,100 students, in 2001.