Dozens of people came out Saturday to pick up trash along sections of a river that runs through the City of Mount Pearl.

The annual Waterford River Cleanup Blitz has become an annual, and unfortunately necessary rite of spring.

Each year melting snow and ice reveals mounds of trash scattered in and along the banks of the river. An area near the Commonwealth Avenue bridge is particularly notorious, given the sheer number of businesses in the area.

emily benson

Emily Benson, a member of the Rotary Club's youth group Rotaract, was one of dozens of volunteers picking up garbage along the Waterford River on Saturday. (CBC)

Emily Benson, a member of the Youth Rotary Club Rotaract, was just one of many who did their part to beautify the area on Saturday morning. She said all trash — big or small  adds up.

"Be aware of that little piece of litter that you are throwing out the window," she said. "It builds up so quickly, like all the little pieces of receipts and Tim Hortons sleeves that build up, and just the time it takes for someone to go around and clean up. It builds up so fast and, you know, you really see it."

Tim Hortons, which has a location close to the cleanup site, was also the major sponsor of this year's event.

Mount Pearl resident John McGuire said he hoped just the sight of groups of people filling garbage bags would rub off on those who litter.

john mcguire

John McGuire pauses for a chat with CBC reporter Mark Quinn while cleaning up a section of the Waterford River on Saturday. (CBC)

"We're a relatively small group of people trying to make a civic initiative," he said. "But there's thousands of people here (in the city) who may not give this a thought. And if you can get a bit of awareness and also do a bit of practical good in picking up the litter, then it's all for the good."

Members of Mount Pearl's city council also took part in the cleanup, which lasted about two hours.

It was followed by a barbeque for volunteers outside City Hall in Centennial Square.