Musgrave Harbour's mayor says people are welcome to use the local beaches for parties and events, but they need to make sure they clean up.

Mayor Ray Stokes says the town's annual bash was held over the weekend at nearby Banting Memorial Park, just outside of town.

Musgrave Harbour Banting Memorial Park garbage left behind

Garbage and a folding table were left behind at a beach near Musgrave Harbour following a weekend party on the beach. (Submitted by Carla Melindy)

He said, by Sunday morning, the beach was littered with trash left behind by partygoers.

"There [were] tents left, coolers, gas cans, garbage all over the place, broken bottles. We don't need this stuff around. People, young people can have a good time and leave it as they found it," said Stokes.

When people realized the mess hadn't been cleaned up, Stokes said some volunteers went down to deal with it.

Musgrave Harbour garbage on the beach

The mayor of Musgrave Harbour says people need to learn to clean up the garbage at outdoor sites used for parties and events. (Submitted by Carla Melindy)

"Some of the town's people went down and picked up a lot of garbage. I heard someone went down and picked up 20 bags of garbage, someone else went down and picked eight or 10 bags. This is not necessary."

Stokes said the town doesn't want to have to spend taxpayers' money on surveillance cameras to catch litterbugs, and there has to be a way to get people to clean up after themselves.

He added while the site was outside town limits, town workers were still sent to clean up the mess.