Clarenville student choir wins music award in New York

A choir of students from Clarenville was in New York City this weekend to participate in a music festival.
Students in a choir group from Clarenville High School competed in an international competition in New York City over the weekend, and were award with the Spirit of New York Award. (Photo courtesy Kim Wareham)

A student choir from Clarenville was in New York City this weekend to participate in a music festival.

The group of 52 students from Clarenville High School was the only choir from Canada to take part in the Worldstrides Music Festival.

Principal Ian Davidson said the group won a gold-level award, while competing against groups from fine arts schools.

"They finished third in their category, but the two schools that beat them out were exclusively fine arts schools, so everybody was very impressed with them — so impressed that they were given the spirit award for the entire festival," said Davidson.

The choir was presented with the Spirit of New York Award on Saturday.

According to Davidson, the school has worked hard to put a special focus on giving students with varied interests the opportunity to compete in both national and international competitions.

"We're quite fortunate at our school because we put a high degree of emphasis on student travel, so our children have done some really amazing things, but they're always done in the context of programs. And for the music program, this is really super cool and special," he said.

But Davidson said a lot of credit for getting the students to the competition go to their music instructor, Ann Lundrigan.

According to Davidson, Lundrigan went through the application process to give the students a unique opportunity to showcase their talents.

A band group from Corner Brook Regional High were also at the festival, competing in a different category.