The Newfoundland and Labrador hockey association is stepping in to try to save the Clarenville Minor Hockey season after the executive of the league resigned.

Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador President Jack Lee said the organization would be intervening to ensure the season finishes up, but wouldn't go into detail about what actually led up to the resignations.


Jack Lee is the president of Hockey NL. (CBC)

"Any time there's a conflict between groups of coaches, or groups of parents that sometimes are not always happy with decisions that are made by executives, I'm sure the kids feel that," Lee said.

"The groups involved on both sides [are] volunteers [and] 99 per cent of the time are parents who have kids involved in the game."

Lee said they will be trying to get through the remainder of the season before they deal with the executive dilemma.

"We're in a situation now that we've got to make sure that these 350 kids are able to finish off this season," Lee said.

However, he said the group is not happy with the situation.

"For us, we're not really excited about having to go into Clarenville, or any community, for that matter, and get involved with this situation," he said.

"But, unfortunately, we may have no other choice in this situation now."

Lee said the situation in Clarenville is delicate, and the association is hoping to mediate a solution in the near future.