Clarenville Mayor Fred Best has renewed his calls for a new highway overpass following a fatal car accident near town on Thursday.

A woman died after the car she was riding in collided with a transport truck at the west entrance to Clarenville, where the highway intersects with Manitoba Drive.

Best said there has been a string of accidents at the location in recent years, including another fatal last year. He believes government needs to take action so more lives aren't lost.

"This is going to be a costly venture but nevertheless I don't think cost should be a factor in this case. The number of accidents that have happened here in the last 10 years is just too much for that section of road."

Best said if building an overpass at the site isn't feasible then the stretch of road should be widened and more lanes added.

Following a fatal accident in 2011, Clarenville town council and the RCMP were successful in persuading the provincial government to lower the speed limit to 70 km/h in the area.

Traffic on that section of the Trans Canada Highway is also a major issue, according to Best.

"The amount of traffic on our highway has increased dramatically in the last number of years ... and it intersects with Manitoba Drive which is the busiest street in Clarenville."

When asked what residents in town think about the most recent accident, Best replied "once again, what people are saying is, 'we told you so.'"