Occupy N.L. camp members in downtown St. John's have been relying on a rented generator since the City of St. John's cut the electricity to the camp two days ago.

The occupiers had been running extension cords to an outlet in nearby Harbourside Park for electricity to run their laptop computers, internet connections, lights, and hot plates. The group has a small propane heater for warmth.


Ken Canning of Occupy NL says the occupiers are using a rented generator for electricity since the City of St. John's cut their power source on Tuesday. (CBC )

Ken Canning, a spokesperson for Occupy N.L., said a city official told the group the extension cords were unsafe, and causing problems for snow clearing.  

"I moved the extension cord, that way it wouldn't be a tripping hazard, said Canning. "And then I told the person there that if they got the plow drivers to honk, then we would come out, move the extension cord out of the way, and they'd be able to clear the snow. Seemed good for a month, and then apparently not."

Canning said the decision was made by a city employee — not the city council — which has said it would not evict the group.

The Occupy N.L. camp is believed to be the last one still standing in Canada.

The Occupy movement, which tries to highlight social and economic inequality, set up camps across North America and Europe last fall.