Christmas gifts stolen in Sheshatshiu

A woman in the Labrador community has had more than $2,000 worth of Christmas gifts stolen, including an iPad and a laptop.
Mary Pia Benuen, a mother living in Sheshatshiu, says she hopes the person who stole the Christmas gifts that she had purchased for her family has a guilty conscience. (CBC)

A woman in Sheshatshiu has had more than $2,000 worth of Christmas gifts stolen.

Mary Pia Benuen had bought her daughter a gold ring for Christmas, but it never made it under the tree. 

Neither did the laptop or iPad she purchased.

Benuen said the gifts went missing between her place and the Healing Centre, where her family had gathered to exchange gifts.

"No one has ever returned anything, so I assume now they're stolen," said Benuen.

Benuen didn't report the theft to police, but her neighbours have taken it upon themselves to make things right.

Visual artist Mary Ann Penashue said she will be donating a painting as a fundraiser for Benuen.

"I really, really wanted to help," Penashue said.

Nearly $2,000 has already been collected for Benuen.