A St. John's mother is hoping her son will see specialists soon. (CBC)

A St. John's woman says she does not understand why it is expected take almost two years for her son to see a specialist about his behavioural problems.

Darlene Brown's son is ready to start school this fall, and she has been told he is showing signs of attention deficit disorder.

Brown wants to get this confirmed, but so far cannot get an appointment booked for any time in the near future.

She has been told it will take a year and a half to see a pediatrician, and close to two years to see an occupational therapist.

Brown says that her son bites himself and continually rocks back and forth, and these are concerns she want addressed right away.

"This is the developmental years of our children," says Brown.

"Two year waiting list is detrimental to that child's schooling. He'll be in Grade 2 before he's even diagnosed."

Brown says she wants a treatment plan in place for her son before he begins school this fall.

She also fears that if her son is not diagnosed by age seven, he will lose out on some funding for these conditions that gets cut off at that age.