Chevron Canada will drill a third exploration well in the deepwater Orphan Basin this year, after two previous attempts came up dry.

"The first two wells we announced were unsuccessful, we did not find hydrocarbons in those two locations," Mark MacLeod, Chevron’s Atlantic Canada vice-president, told delegates at this past week’s Noia conference in St. John’s.


The drilling ship Stena Carron is expected to arrive this summer to work on an exploratory well in the Orphan Basin. (CBC)

"We learned lots of information, geological information in particular, and hopefully with the third well we’ll get it right. It just speaks to our encouragement about the prospectivity of the region that we’re actually out there drilling a third well."

Chevron’s previous exploration efforts in the Orphan Basin were at the Great Barasway and Lona sites.

Subject to final regulatory approvals, MacLeod said, the Stena Carron will drill at the Margaree prospect as early as July or August.

"We have a team in place ready and anxiously awaiting this rig arrival," MacLeod said.

Chevron will act as operators, with Repsol and Statoil as co-venturers.

"We sure hope some of the good luck that Statoil announced they had in their Harpoon well rubs off on us on our Orphan location," MacLeod noted.

Earlier in the week, Norway’s Statoil announced that it had made a discovery at Harpoon in the Flemish Pass.