Mental health advocate Geoff Chaulk says he's back in the race for mayor of St. John's.

Chaulk announced his re-entry into the race at a news conference at St. John's City Hall on Tuesday morning.

Current mayor Dennis O'Keefe and councillor Sheilagh O'Leary are also campaigning for the top city job.

Chaulk dropped out of the race in April on the advice of his doctor because of issues around a mood disorder, but he said he now feels ready to engage in an election campaign.

"I do believe strongly in my own abilities and my strengths," said Chaulk. "Like everybody, we all have challenges in life. Different types of physical or mental issues are just one of those challenges."

Chaulk said he will not campaign with signs or mail outs, and said he is not raising money.

He told supporters to give money to the St. John's SPCA instead.