Province approves final Goulds Chase the Ace draw for Aug. 30

If the $1.7 million jackpot does not go on Aug. 23, the following Wednesday will be the last for Chase the Ace in Goulds.

If jackpot, which is $1.7M, doesn't go next week, the final draw will be before school starts

A look at the crowds for Chase the Ace in Goulds on Aug. 9. Organizers are hoping to avoid this kind of scene when the school year starts. (Eddy Kennedy/CBC)

If the Chase the Ace jackpot at St. Kevin's Parish doesn't go next week, the Newfoundland and Labrador government has approved an exit strategy to have the final draw on Aug. 30.

Organizers for the fundraiser in the Goulds neighbourhood of St. John's confirmed they had submitted an exit strategy plan.

They wanted to ensure the wildly popular event didn't conflict with the start of the school year in September, since St. Kevin's Parish is right next door to St. Kevin's School.

Service NL announced Friday it had approved the proposed exit strategy.

If the ace of spades is not drawn on Aug. 23, the final draw date will be Aug. 30.

Service NL said further details about the exit strategy will be finalized as needed if the jackpot, which reached $1.7 million on Aug. 16, does not go.

The Chase the Ace jackpot was $1.7 million on Aug. 16. (Cal Tobin/CBC)