Charges withdrawn against woman accused in Gander machete attack

Kelsey Moyles, who was one of four people charged in connection with a machete attack near Gander in 2015, was discharged Monday morning.

All cases from 2015 incident now finished

Kelsey Moyles, 23, appeared in court in Gander on Monday morning. (Garrett Barry/CBC)

An aggravated assault charge against a 23-year-old woman was withdrawn on Monday, with a Crown attorney saying it was not in the interest of the victim to hold a trial.

The information that he provided us was quite personal and private.- Douglas Howell

Kelsey Moyles, who was initially charged with attempted murder in connection to what has been called an "extremely violent" machete attack, walked free from a Gander courtroom.

Lawyers for the defence and the Crown agreed to withdraw the charge, heading off a trial scheduled for Monday in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Douglas Howell, the Crown attorney in the case, said the reasons for the discharge are 'quite personal and private.' (Garrett Barry/CBC)

"We met with the complainant in this matter several times last week, and as a result of the meetings that we had with the complainant we felt that it was not in his interest for us to continue on with the prosecution," said Douglas Howell, the prosecutor in the case.

"I can't really get into the discussion that we had with the complainant, the information that he provided us was quite personal and private."

1 of 4 charged

Moyles was one of four people charged in connection with a 2015 machete attack near Gander, at the site of a memorial dedicated to the victims of a plane crash.

According to an agreed statement of facts in the case of Brandan Bungay, who pleaded guilty for his part of the incident, the attack left a man wandering and bleeding on the Trans-Canada Highway.  Last year, a Crown lawyer called the incident an "extremely violent attack on an unsuspecting victim."

Bungay was sentenced to almost two years in jail for his role, while James Roswell was sentenced to a year — which was fulfilled by his time served in custody before the sentencing.

According to the submitted facts in the Bungay case, Moyles was suspected of driving the victim to the Silent Witness Memorial, near Gander, while the two men hid in the back seat. Bungay stabbed the victim twice before leaving him injured at the memorial.

Brandan Bungay, 21, was sentenced to two years less a day for his role in the machete attack. (CBC)

The victim, whose identity is concealed by a publication ban, needed surgery. He walked along the highway until he was picked up by paramedics.

All cases completed

A fourth person, who cannot be named because they were under 18 at the time of the incident, was also charged.

With the withdrawal of the charge against Moyles, all court cases stemming from the 2015 incident have been completed, according to Howell.

Howell said it is not uncommon for a victim to decide they did not want a case to be prosecuted.

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