Charges against Sean Frampton, 23, of St. John's have been dropped, but not because, as court witnesses previously said, he was the wrong person.

On July 18, Frampton appeared in court on charges of uttering threats and obstruction of justice after a February incident involving Douglas Connors and his son Shane.

Proceedings went off the rails in that court session when witnesses in the case looked at Frampton and said "No, guarantee, that ain't him."

"The guy who approached us, he was a lot bigger," said Connors. "Then the guy when he left, the other guy came around the corner and I said 'Who's that?', and he said 'Sean Frampton', and that's what we took it as."

Lawyer and investigators find contradictory statements

Crown prosecutor Lloyd Strickland said after what happened in court on July 18, he and the case investigator looked at statements the witnesses had previously given to police.

Today, Strickland said the witnesses initially told police a different story. 

"They expressed a familiarity with him," Strickland said. "And one said he knew Frampton's mother."

"The RNC are satisfied they arrested the right person," Strickland told the court.  "There were no mistakes by the crown, the police or legal aid."

Strickland said he didn't know why the witnesses were no longer willing to point the finger at Frampton, but because they won't, Strickland asked that the charges against Frampton be withdrawn.

Strickland added that these actions have brought the witnesses' credibility into question. 

Frampton did not provide any comments, saying he didn't have time to speak to reporters.