An annual album-making competition in the province will go ahead this year, with CBC Newfoundland and Labrador as a new partner.

CBC has joined with Elling Lien, the former editor of indie newspaper The Scope, which ceased production in December, to host the competition.

The future of the RPM Challenge was up in the air when the newspaper closed, but the partnership between Lien and CBC means the annual contest will be going ahead.

Songwriters and musicians across the province take part in the challenge every February.

"I believe that the RPM challenge is one of the most kind of pure and real, honest and genuine things that The Scope was able to give to the city and to the province," he said.

Lien said he is hopeful for the future of the challenge.

"The RPM is all about…removing the barriers for people to just play around with music. You may not be the best guitarist but that doesn't mean you can't make an album."

Entrants must record a new album of music in February, featuring new songs that they have never recorded before, with either 10 tracks or 35 minutes of music in total.

The RPM Challenge started in 2008, with 22 album submissions.

In 2013, 145 albums were entered.