Here at CBC News, we know better than anyone how important it is to get things right. But every once in a while, we get something wrong. And when we make a mistake, it's important to admit it. Which brings us to an article about Natuashish that we published on the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador webpage on October 6th. We made a mistake.

You let us know it, too. There has been strong reaction from communities in Labrador about the content of the piece and the language used.

The article raised a number of issues that need to be explored and questions that need to be asked. But CBC News wishes to apologize for the language used in that article. And we acknowledge it crossed the line and in fact violates CBC's policy of standards and practices.

In particular, the piece goes against the guiding principles of two sections of two articles in the CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices:

1. Respect and absence of prejudice

  • We avoid generalizations, stereotypes and any degrading or offensive words or images that could feed prejudice or expose people to hatred or contempt.

2. Expression of opinion

  • Our value of impartiality precludes our news and current affairs staff from expressing their personal opinions on matters of controversy on all our platforms.

We are now reviewing the production of our online content to ensure we do not repeat this in the future and the issues have been addressed with the staff involved in this article. 

CBC News regrets the harm caused by the language in this article and again apologizes for the offence taken by readers.

Our full Journalistic Standards & Practices are posted online and available for your review.

Making an error is always humbling. But our dedication to covering all sides of the story of Natuashish with both directness and sensitivity remains as strong as ever. And we pledge to do just that.

Denise Wilson

Managing Director, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador