They're calling him Trooper — and for a good reason.

The injured full-grown male cat was rescued Saturday afternoon after spending more than 24 hours frozen to a driveway in Stephenville Crossing on Newfoundland's west coast.

Gwen Samms of the Bay St. George animal shelter says Trooper may have been hit by a vehicle or taking shelter under the hood of a car that started up and injured him.

"It broke my heart," Samms told CBC News.

She freed Trooper and took him to a vet for treatment.

"It was horrific," Samms said. "I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I couldn't believe it."

Trooper was so cold that the vet could not get a reading when he tried to take his temperature. The cat has a broken pelvis and nerve damage.

On Monday, the cat went to the vet in Corner Brook for X-rays.

"We're just going to keep our fingers crossed," said veterinarian Michael Tipple. "When you have nerve damage, it's sort of a waiting game, and we're going to just watch for signs of improvement and progression."

Meanwhile, Samms is hoping for donations to help pay for Trooper's treatment. Donations can be made to the Bay St. George Animal Shelter, Stephenville.