Police still have no idea who stole more than $10,000 from the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's St. John's headquarters more than four years ago.

The cash was in a storage locker at Fort Townshend when it was stolen on Dec. 13, 2009, which happened to be a Sunday.

The Ontario Provincial Police looked into the robbery, but their investigation did not lead to an arrest.

RNC Chief Bill Janes said Monday that every lead was followed up, but to no avail.

"We did a full, thorough investigation of it — in partnership with and through actually the leadership of the Ontario Provincial Police — and we were unable to come to a successful conclusion in the investigation," Janes said.

"If we don't have the evidence, then we just don't have it."

The OPP said soon after the robbery that the cash consisted of $100 bills.

Janes said the investigation could be reopened if new tips or information come forward.

He said the newly renovated Fort Townshend complex has state-of-the-art video and alarm systems that should prevent similar thefts.