The Judges have spoken!!! The good people at Perfect Day Canada have poured through the entries and chosen — drumroll please:

Tara Varela

Here's her entry:

Pumpkin Carveapalooza Tara Varela

(Tara Varela )

Since Tara lives out of province, we'll be sending her a CBC prize package and a video from our own Ryan Snoddon.

Congratulations everyone for your excellent entries, and see you next year for:

Carveapalooza 2014!!!!

Carveapalooza 2013 Extra! 

Late Night host Jamie Mauracher and On the Go host Ted Blades fought it out in a special Carveapalooza 2013 carve off at the station today. Vote for your favourite.

Carveapalooza 2013 entries will be accepted until Nov. 4. So size up your favourite pumpkin and turn it into a scary/funny/happy/sad creation of carved-pumpkin awesomeness.

The rules are simple. So simple, there is only one: Send us a picture of your pumpkin to We'll post it in our special Halloween pumpkin photo gallery. Send early, send often.

Do we have prizes? Yes, we do! If the winner is in the St. John's area (and we're not saying s/he will be), Ryan Snoddon will deliver a pumpkin pie to you.

If you live outside of St. John's, Ryan will send you a video congratulating you on your win, and you will receive a lovely collection of CBC swag.

While you're carving, you can enjoy our (hopefully) funny Carveapalooza video trailer.

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