A candidate in Carbonear's municipal election says a homophobic slur on one of his campaign signs got him a lot of attention on social media.

Kyle Brookings, 21, said he took down a campaign sign near his mailbox after someone vandalized it with a gay slur. The sign said, 'Kyle Brookings is a fag.'

He said he took a photo of the sign and posted it online, receiving a lot of positive support.

"Since I posted it, and since the media has been picking up on it, a lot of people say that, you know, don't let this one person … outweigh everyone else that's supporting me," Brookings said.

"Everybody's really saying that it's just an isolated incident and just try to let it go and that it really doesn't represent the views of the people."

Brookings said that this is not the first time he's had problems with his campaign signs.

"I actually ran in the last provincial election and all of my signs were stolen back then, but this is the first time somebody actually defaced the sign and left it there for me to see," he said.

According to Brookings, he won't let this incident deter him from his campaign goals.

"This is just an isolated incident, and my goal is to focus on the issues and try to do the best for the people of Carbonear," he said.

"And if some person just wants to take time out of their day to write some slur of any kind, that's really up to them."

Brookings said he wants to do his best to represent youth in Carbonear at the council table.