A St. John's man is trying to figure out who might have set his car on fire while it was parked at Topsail Beach last weekend.

Donald Burden and his girlfriend had enjoyed an evening bonfire at the beach Sunday, but when they called it a night, a shock was waiting for them in the parking lot.

"We come walking out of the woods here, where we were having our fire, and saw my vehicle completely enveloped in flames, just swallowed," Burden told CBC. 

Fire crews had arrived on the scene, but Burden quickly realized his vehicle was destroyed.  

Donald Burden

Donald Burden found a large rock inside his burned-out vehicle, which was parked at Topsail Beach. (CBC)

"You see this big blaze in the parking lot ... and there are no other vehicles around, and it kind of strikes you as a little bit odd. And then it settles in, 'That's my car, it's on fire right now.'"

Burden said a large rock, which had likely been hurled through one of the windows, was found inside the car. Broken glass was scattered around on the pavement.  

He said his vehicle was worth about $5,000. In a twist, Burden had cancelled his fire damage insurance six weeks ago.

"It's only stuff, nobody got hurt. I'm just gonna dust myself off, and carry on as if nothing happened ... probably buy another car fairly shortly," Burden said.

Burden is hoping anyone who might have witnessed the incident will call the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

Police have been investigating the incident.