Car chase lands man in jail

Jeffrey Lavallee was sentenced to eight months in jail for drunk driving and failure to stop for police during a 200-kilometre car chase in late August.
Jeffrey Lavallee was sentenced to 8 months in jail for drunk driving and failure to stop for police. CBC

 A man who led police on a 200-kilometre car chase in late August is going to jail.  

Jeffrey Lavallee was sentenced to eight months and lost his licence for five years for driving drunk and refusing to stop for police. He pled guilty when he was charged last month. 

He started out in Corner Brook and finally went off the road in Daniel's Harbour, sometimes going as fast as 160 kilometres per hour.

Police had to use a spike belt to flatten his tires in order to stop him.

It all started when Lavallee's girlfriend told the RNC in Corner Brook that he'd been drinking and had taken her truck. 

The RNC tried to stop him on the Lewin Parkway, but he kept going.

The police then decided to back off, but continued to follow him as he went through some red lights and passed a couple of other vehicles on a ramp leading to the Trans-Canada Highway.

When Lavallee began heading east on the TCH, he was in RCMP territory, and they took over from there.

Lavallee sped up as the RCMP followed him with their lights flashing, so they, too, backed off.

That's when they resorted to flattening his tires to stop Lavallee as he arrived in the Parson's Pond area.

He kept driving for a while with sparks flying from his tire rims, but police finally caught him.

Lavallee admits he's got a problem with alcohol and wants help.

He says his girlfriend did the right thing by calling the cops.

The judge said it was lucky he didn't hurt somebody.