A blogger from Lewin's Cove has reached a major milestone by blogging about the good things that come with having cancer.

Florence Jarvis, 45, has been blogging about her experience with breast cancer since October 2011 on her blog called The Perks of Having Cancer!


Florence Jarvis writes a blog called The Perks of Having Cancer! (Florence Jarvis)

On Monday, she reached her goal of listing 100 perks of having the disease.

In her 100th entry, Jarvis wrote "being a survivor is not about what cancer does to your body, but about what it does to your spirit."

Jarvis's blog has garnered a large following with hundreds of thousands of hits. 

Even though Jarvis has reached her goal, and completed her breast cancer treatment, she said she'll keep blogging.

"I've realized that I'm helping so many people through the blog, not just people with cancer, but people who've got a loved one with cancer or people who've gone through a divorce or other hardships through life," said Jarvis. "And they're giving me such positive feedback that it just makes me want to continue."

Jarvis also had a story published in Women's World Magazine, and she will soon have another story published in an edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Jarvis is working on a book called 100 Perks of Having Cancer, Plus 100 Tips for Surviving It with another breast cancer blogger.