Fans of the Canadian Tenors flocked to Fred's Records in downtown St. John's Sunday for the release of the group's new album, Lead With Your Heart.

The operatic pop quartet launched their promotional tour of the album in Newfoundland -- three days earlier than anywhere else in the world -- on the advice of one of the tenors' mothers.

"My mom is from Newfoundland. Though I was born in British Columbia, Newfoundland has always been a part of my upbringing, my culture," said tenor Clifton Murray.


Canadian Tenor Clifton Murray. (CBC)

"I feel like a Newfoundlander in my heart, so I get the accent every time I come back because I really want to be a Newfoundlander."

Murray said the other tenors, Victor Micallef, Fraser Walters, and Remigio Pereira, have also become honorary Newfoundlanders.

"The guys have been here a couple of times, and every time we leave, we have so many memories," he said.

"And these guys got screeched in last time we were here, so it's official now."

Walters said this CD launch was an important stop for the tenors on their promotional tour.

"The audience in Newfoundland is just second to none. Music is such an important part of the culture," he said.

"Last time we were here, we were up until the wee hours of the morning singing songs with some of the locals, and we really had that kind of authentic experience. We hold it close to our hearts, and we're so happy to be back."

Over the weekend, the tenors also had the chance to perform at Cochrane Street United Church and sang the anthems at a St. John's IceCaps game.

The Canadian Tenors will return to St. John's for a show at Mile One Centre on March 3.