A woman in Mount Pearl says Canada Post keeps delivering her mail to the wrong house despite a year of complaints.

Donna Hunt says her mail keeps being delivered to a house with the same number on another street.

"I ran into this young girl and she had my mail in her backpack," Hunt says. 

Canada Post mailbox

Despite Canada Post bringing an engineer on to help resolve the mail delivery problem, they have still been unable to stamp out the problem. (CBC)

"There were 17 pieces of mail. There were bank statements and receipts for my husband's business. One was a worker's compensation bill for our business."

Hunt says that was the last straw. 

"For my bank statements I went and changed everything to online banking which I shouldn't have to do," Hunt says.

"Today I'm going to the post office and see if I can rent a box because I no longer have confidence in Canada Post delivering my mail." 

After a year of complaining to Canada Post, Hunt says someone contacted her Wednesday morning about the problem.

An inspector will investigate the problem.