An unusual sight could be seen leaving Campbellton and floating across Newfoundland's Notre Dame Bay on Thursday.

'It's a nice experience just sitting down in the boat chatting to each other.' - Gilbert Budgell

Parked on top of a makeshift raft, and towed by Gilbert Budgell and Kevin Hill in their two speedboats, a 26-foot travel trailer headed for its new home on Exploits.

Speaking to CBC after the 11-hour ordeal, Budgell said Hill had no plans to travel around in the camper anymore so he thought bringing it to the island would be a lot easier than building a new camp there.

"We were going to built a cabin and then he said he had a 26-foot camper so I said, 'Let's put her on the docks and let's float her out,'" Budgell told CBC.

Long journey

It took five hours just to get the camper on the floating docks, and then another six hours to to get it from Campbellton to Exploits, navigating their way out to sea and around the many islands that pepper the bay.

Campbellton to Exploits Island

Gilbert Budgell and Kevin Hill say it took six hours to tow the floating camper across Notre Dame Bay from Campbellton to Exploits Island. (Google Maps)

Budgell said the whole thing went off without any problems, and boaters along the way were very curious, taking photos as they passed. All they have to do now is get the camper settled in on the island, he said, adding the plan is to leave the camper on the island for good.

"She's here for evermore," he said. "She's not leaving Exploits no more."

While it may seem like a lot of hard work — and a risky venture — to tow a trailer designed for land on a floating dock, Budgell said moving the camper is half the fun.

"We love it," he said. "It's a nice experience just sitting down in the boat chatting to each other."

With files from Melissa Tobin