A woman in Stephenville was caught on a surveillance camera — stealing a surveillance camera.

RCMP said the cameras were installed in order to catch people illegally dumping garbage on the outskirts of town.

Corp. John Butler said once town officials realized one camera had been stolen, they checked images captured on the other one to see what happened to it.

Butler said the town brought the footage to police on Monday, and they were able to identify a 23-year-old woman.

"I believe she might have stumbled upon it, and [thought], 'Hey, I'll take that,' and unbeknownst to her, there was a second camera which captured and recorded her actions," Butler said.

"These towns have purchased these cameras and kind of put them out in their hot spots when they notice that people are dumping in certain areas. They put the cameras out to do just what the camera did, capture video of someone doing something wrong, but in this case it was a theft and not a dumping that it captured," he added.

The woman has been charged with theft under $5,000 and a breach of probation, and will be back in court on October 28.